Posting on Social Media Tips Posting Social Media Marketing

I know you all were waiting eagerly for it. Let’s get into it and let’s first talk about Instagram. So, On Instagram, you must post 2-3 posts on a daily basis. Here I am not talking about Stories You have to at least do 2-3 posts depending upon your main platform. If your main platform is Instagram so it’s compulsory for you to post 2-3 posts daily. Don’t forget to maintain the sequencing of your page or profile.

Posting on Social Media Tips Posting Social Media Marketing

Likewise, I do post on my Instagram following the format of 3. Apart from it if you are following some other pattern like 2 then go ahead with it. But do remember to post 2-3 posts so that you can get maximum traffic, impression, and a great boost. Now we come to Linkedin! I know most of you might not be using an account of it but if you go by my words then you should be on it. Because it’s the easiest place to gain followers as you might have read my post on Instagram regarding it. You can get a lot of connections there which automatically gets converted into your followers.
If you are on LinkedIn you must do 1 post daily. For those who consider it as their main platform, they must do at least 2-3 posts daily like Instagram. If your Instagram is not main and focusing totally on LinkedIn Let’s come to Facebook! It used to be very popular years ago but the story changed as Instagram came into the scene. But now it doesn’t actually matter which one is more popular as both brands are now owned by the same owner. If you have a page on Facebook, at least 1 post daily. You can avoid doing a post on it but in that case, you must make Instagram as your main platform. 
Otherwise do post on Facebook to boost it! Then we come to Twitter! On Twitter, you must do 10-15 posts a day. Yes! You heard absolutely right 10-15 posts on a daily basis, only then you can get the audience’s attention. The reason behind it is that; there is no hard and fast rule for Twitter posting timings Like other platforms have particular time so by Posting in certain timings will get more like and view But there is no such rule for Twitter so to grab the viewer’s attention you must do it at 
various time intervals like every 2 hours later. If you can’t post a huge number like 15 then at least go for 10. And don’t get disheartened when you don’t get likes on all posts because when you do like 10 posts chances are of getting likes to only 2 or 3 posts. Plus if you do this work effectively then there is a huge chance of automatically gaining the followers. Now we come to Snapchat! As I told you once earlier in my Instagram stories that Snapchat is among the most under-used platforms. From my point of view, it has a huge potential for growth in the near future.
If you don’t have an account on it then go for one. Plus if you download or already in use; then you should go for at least 1-2 stories a day. Like you can go for one in the morning and one in the evening to make it a balance. Snapchat is effective as when you share your personal stories with your audience then they tend to relate with you. If they start relating then they will definitely follow you to the place where you want them to be your followers. For example,
if my main audience is Youtube then I have to be active on all other social media platforms like Snapchat as a secondary to get my followers to follow me on Youtube efficiently. And today’s surprise… Quora! Most of you might be thinking that… Quora?? It’s just about questions and answers!! How is it gonna help? But no! You are wrong there is more to it. You can do a lot of backlinks from Quora and grab the audience. When you start answering to peoples’
queries on Quora they tend to trust and think of you as a reliable person. They can only come to your vlog and follow you; only if they have trust in you. And from some of the other ways, they need a pathway. If they don’t know you exist then how can they follow you? So, at least you have to go somewhere to market yourself or your brand. Kindly don’t promote yourself or your brand directly. But at least answer small queries over there. It will help you in a way like to let your audience know about your presence in the market.
So, they will definitely search for you and reach up to your vlog or blog. On Quora make it a habit of answering at least 3-4 questions but first make a good base of your main or primary platform otherwise others will not follow you. Most of you might be wondering why our main platform didn’t show up? I picked up the most popular social media platforms share post and comment

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