Top 10 Android Tips,Tricks Try Android 2020

No space on the phone? You must be tired of it by now I can free up 3-4 GB of space in your phone that too without deleting any apps Yes! That’s possible! Let’s see how it works Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Article Today I am here to share many android tips Those who have android phones, it’s good news for them Some of you might have known a few of them but not all. Let’s go and see these tips they will help you to post on social media easily and in the smooth functioning of your phone Let’s go for it! 

Top 10 Android Tips, Tricks Try Android 2020

You can customize your phone’s name according to yourself Go to “About Phone” And just change device name It is the easiest way to customize your phone Have you ever been afraid when someone else has your phone in their hands? There is a solution for it! Open the user panel form notification bar It’s in the bottom of notifications in the shape of human icon You can create maximum 4 IDs So when you give your phone to someone switch to guest mode first Here I have switched to Guest Id I was unable to record from the same phone This is the same phone Don’t doubt it 😛 You can see no photos in gallery Your guest panel will seem like a new phone You have to customize it If you want, you can customize beforehand So that no one doubts you
 😛 You can switch again to admin panel from the same icon You might have wondered for app shortcuts Some things are already existing in your phones but you neglect it. Like MAPS It has shortcuts for Home & Work You can add these to Home page Likewise most apps have shortcuts every app doesn’t have this feature Like PAYTM has it and FACEBOOK doesn’t have one. This is the best way to save time I think you must try it Thought about spying on someone? So I have a solution for it I can tell you to at least how to open up app locks but not the phone locks Just got to notifications Like I did to message app similarly force stop the APP LOCK Until you click on APP LOCK again it will remain deactivated I know this is your favorite part that no space in phone See I have 29 GB space remaining in my phone so how to increase it?
 Go to Settings Click on Apps & Notifications See All Apps Like for example- Amazon go to the storage of it and clear cache likewise do it for all the apps You might be wondering how come few KBs and MBs make a difference But trust me it works Let’s do it fast forward So here I have finished almost all the apps only last is left Go to file manager again and check out space Refresh it! It’s now 33 GB Almost 4 GB space increased I do it on regular intervals of 2 weeks If you have never done it before then 5 to 6 GB space can be achieved Ever thought of changing basic structure of android You can be a developer as well Go to Settings > About Phone Click 5 times on Build number Now you are developer Go to Systems Here are lots of options for changing inbuilt feature but I’ll advice you to not to use it Even if you are using then do it carefully because you certainly don’t want to destroy some good features of the phone Use it very very carefully Clipboard you might be knowing but what’s different over here is first activate Gboard or Google Keyboard Mine is already activated go to settings of keyboard to check it as you can see these dots on keyboard Click on them then go to clipboard and switch it on Now just copy and paste let’s google something you copy and past again and again But here we are going to do it differently Copy and Scroll and again copy now let’s go to notepad again click again on those dots and go to clipboard and you can see all the text you copied paste them in order wise Do remember! 
Clipboard clears itself after an hour let’s jump to another amazing feature of Gboard Is your Hindi writing bad? you just need to write in Hinglish (English) and gboard will convert it to Hindi automatically. go to setting for it see a demo of Hindi writing you can also use a mixture of Hindi and English go to setting select language Hindi (Abc) add on this to your languages those who are looking for jobs in Hindi typing can now work easily same comes in the google docs someone sent me this text in Chinese I am unable to understand it. So what to do? For it we have a good trick It’s present in the Gboard itself as you can see some weird text beside dots click on that just copy the above Chinese text and paste it in below box and your results will appear in English You need to take care and set the languages It is also good for translation purposes ok! I am not doing it!!! You can also find synonyms by pasting it multiple times Today’s last hack Go to settings > Notifications 

Notifications of unnecessary apps do bug you? Go to apps and notifications take any app click on permissions just switch off the notifications you can also off some particular notification Do let me know in the comment section that which tips you were unaware of and if you want to ask something else you can ask me

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